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Declaration of INTERdependence

What is it for?

Listen to Every Living Thing,
by J.P. Taylor

Members of the David Suzuki Foundation team wrote a Declaration of Interdependence in 1992 for the United Nations' Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. This year's summit in Copenhagen has us in the critical time where we don't have choices anymore. We have passed the time of discussions and indecision. The time is NOW to declare once and for all our Interdependence worldwide.

Our everyday living as usual routine continually puts out climate changing emissions. Every emission effects our world; every person - man, woman and child - everywhere. It's a global issue. We need to come together as a collecitve voice and understand that the Governments of the world can not be the only ones relied upon to "fix" the future we are currently facing and living in; right here, right now.

We all need to learn how to make changes and work together.

The history of man and of Nations, is a history of disagreement on issues, regardless of the urgency we face to ensure our individual and National agendas. We have not seen, nor will or will we see, agreement on climate change emissions reductions until we all realize that as global citizens, we are INTERdependent, person to person - Nation to Nation.

How long will we continue to agree to disagree?

This is why we need to recognize our collective climate change INTERdependence.

Please SIGN as a simple and PERSONAL act of agreement the DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE.

Declaration of

While in recognition of our right to independence, as individuals and nations, we acknowledge our interdependence as humanity.


Man has drawn boundaries to divide Nations. Boundaries are drawn between beliefs of faith. Boundaries are drawn between nation states. Boundaries divide cities. Boundaries divide the wealthy and the poor. Boundaries divide democracy and socialism. Boundaries divide colour and creed, religion and faith.

This is the basis of our independence as nations and individuals, be it right or wrong, to act as individuals with self determination; to act with individual agendas for our personal and national agendas; to choose how we live and act today.

Today we may draw up contracts of agreement; individual to individual; Nation to Nation; Company to Company; Nation to Corporation; this is our independent right, for our individual, commercial, and vested National and political interests. These are seen as our right of independence.

This is the Declaration of Interdependence; the rights of the commons of all interdependent global citizens; the global collective.

Although as man we have drawn boundaries to govern our lives, no such boundaries exist, nor can they be drawn on the commons of nature or the natural systems of planet earth. The air we breathe knows no such boundaries. The night and the day know no such boundaries. The winds and the seas know no such boundaries. The turning of the earth knows no such boundaries. The rising of the sun and moon cannot be altered by boundaries of mans choosing and we acknowledge their independence. Although we may influence the climate of the future, we acknowledge our interdependence on the outcome of these actions. We are interdependent on climate change and individually acknowledge that what I do effects you and what you do effects me.

The Declaration of Interdependence removes the burden of choice on all Nations where interdependence supersedes decisions affecting the global collective. The interdependence of humanity and of future generations cannot be overridden by any boundaries, barriers or divisions proposed by man.

The Greenhouse Neutral Foundation declared the 5th of July to be ever celebrated as ‘World Interdependent Day’ and now calls on the collective of global citizenry to sign the Declaration of Interdependence.

This declaration is made on behalf of the future that we borrow from our children.

SIGNED, as a global citizen;

Bob Williamson

Please Sign the
Declaration of Interdependence